Softball 2013


Captains match report: EB
Emrys vs Elliott Wood:
Emrys rocked up late so Elliot Wood were half way through their crate of beers by the time we arrived – all part of the plan.  We had a bit of an iffy start with Elliot Wood getting us out very quickly in the first innings and they followed with some cracking home runs from two of their lads giving our out fielders a good run for their money.  Our second innings we’d remembered how to play, no big hitters yet but we got a lot of runs, and now we knew their game we fielded well the second time around.  At the end of two innings we were at a draw and the decision was taken to play a deciding innings – our competitive side revealed itself and we brought our A-game with Gwil smashing a tree topper out the park for a comfortable home-run, we just pipped them to the post.  Great game with a great bunch.