Emrys Architects Cat Jones Completes the 200km Dunwich Dynamo Cycle Ride


Inspired by Glyn Emrys’s cycling adventures, on Saturday 20th July at 9pm, I set off on my own challenge; to cycle from London Fields in Hackney to the lost village of Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast, a distance of 200km. The event named the Dunwich Dynamo is a challenge in which you ride out of London through the night, travelling in a North East direction ending at Dunwich Beach in Suffolk.
I was a bit apprehensive about the ride given I did no training whatsoever, other than the 20 minute daily cycle ride to and from work. I did manage to complete the ride in 14 hours, and this did include many stops along the way for vital food breaks; puncture repairs; and larking about in corn fields.
The ride was a challenge but spurred on by my fellow riders,  and by following the Le Tour 2013 winner Chris Froome’s example of eating copious amounts of jelly babies, /Haribo and peanut butter/banana sandwiches to keep the energy levels high at no point did I think I want to give up.
The toughest part of the journey for me was 2 hours into the ride, my front light completely failed and I was riding in total darkness relying solely on beams of light from passing cyclists. Unfortunately the overcast sky meant no moonlight to cycle under and no sunrise half way into our trip. But once the sun did finally come up, it was pretty amazing cycling through the beautiful Suffolk Villages.
I would recommend this ride for anyone that enjoys a good and social cycling challenge!