At Emrys we pride ourselves on our ability to engage with our clients and to distil their myriad requirements into a bespoke solution that they love. Communication between the client and the remainder of the team is fundamental to the success of any project; our role is to ensure that client needs are captured through design and translated into a space & place with elegant efficiency.

We’ll carry out an audit of what you’ve got; whether it’s a site, a building, or just an idea, we’ll give you an honest assessment of your options. Sometimes we may have a different view on the relative value of what you have, even suggesting retention of buildings if they can be made to work better. If you’re a layered organisation we’ll consult with each of your stakeholders and help you work through the process of prioritising needs.

We’ll carry out initial sketch designs – on the back of an envelope if that’s all there is to hand – to elicit an initial conversation. We use physical and 3d computer modelling to convey initial concepts and proposals to first-time and seasoned clients – there’s no better way to demonstrate our thoughts, test ideas and overcome technical challenges. We are a BIM (Building Information Modelling) enabled office, which ensures efficient design coordination amongst the design and contracting teams.

We understand that there is more to sustainable design than bolting on standard ideas and enjoy developing new methods to achieve this. We recognize that real sustainable design comes from recycling existing buildings, not demolishing them; by using passive measures to reduce the energy requirements, before looking to artificial ones; and by designing buildings that will stand the test of time because people value them.