Emrys has developed a portfolio of high-profile cultural, residential and commercial buildings peppered with tiny, quirky projects – all approached with the same intellectual curiosity, attention to detail, and flair. We are a practice with a purpose. Emrys has a real sense of excitement, an understanding that the ethos that underpins our work is perfectly in tune with the times. We value on-going relationships over one-off quick-fix deals; lasting performance over short-term gain. Our purpose is to deliver buildings that respect the environment, enrich their context, and withstand the test of time. But perhaps most of all, our purpose is to get to know our clients, to understand how they want to live and work, and to help them to realise their dreams.

Emrys is driven by a belief that time spent listening to clients, exploring ideas, on teaching, or learning, is never wasted time. That investment in thought, dialogue, design and pushing the boundaries of standard process pays for itself several times over in terms of reduced build and running costs, efficient delivery, added value and quality of results. That the most elegant, coherent, solution represents the distillation of a thousand conversations and ideas.