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Palace of Westminster visit


We had a really interesting private tour of the Palace of Westminster this week escorted by House of Lords Doorkeeper, James McNaught. Along with the excitement of standing in the Lords Chamber and Commons Chamber, we learnt several fun facts: including the origins of well-known idioms such as ‘cross the line’ and ‘in the bag’.   All clock faces in the building including on the famous clock tower have an f instead of an x to…

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Gingerbread Journal Feature 4

Crumble Castle


We are delighted to be part of the group of architects, designers and structural engineers taking part in the 2017 Gingerbread City for the Museum of Architecture. Our entry was the Crumble Castle in the Old Town district. It was a fun and very creative week: we learned how to bake structural gingerbread and discovered some real talent for decorating with sweets and icing sugar. It might take us a while…

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Exhibit A


Javier has been showing us what he gets up to at the weekend at the opening of a group exhibition ‘Exhibit A’ at the Espacio Gallery on Bethnal Green Road. Javier’s series of paintings ‘Some architects, my father and her’ uses acrylic and collage to express three elements that influence his life. See link for more.                    

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Cornwall House Feature 2

Cornwall House


We are currently working on a  building by Clerkenwell Green. Cornwall House was built in 1978-1980 as Sessions House Hotel, it was converted in the 1920s into a spectacles factory with offices. Most recently used as craft workshops, the building is now to be renovated and the run-down interiors upgraded for use as offices and retail.

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Faience Leaves


A recently submitted planning application for a 46,000 sq ft new-build office uses decorative motifs and expressive brickwork to ensure the building sits comfortably within its prominent town centre location. Inspired by local Arts and Crafts details and a  book ‘The Grammar of Ornament’ by Owen Jones – a major influence on the Arts and Crafts Movement, we have taken ‘Drawings of Leaves from Nature’ and have simplified and abstracted it to create a geometric pattern….

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