A Breath of Fresh Air


“A source of fresh air is a vital requirement for all buildings. It provides oxygen or breathing, dilutes and displaces pollutants such as odour and metabolic carbon dioxide, avoids condensation by removing moisture and keeps buildings cool by removing excess heat.”[1] The above quote demonstrates the fundamental need for a fresh air supply to any building. Currently the most common means of supplying that air supply is through mechanical methods….

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Contra-flow Bicycle Lanes – we hate them


I hate the junction of Marchmont Street and Tavistock Place, because here lurks the only contra flow bicycle lane on my way to work. What I do not understand about the contra flow idea is that the same amount of space must exist across the width of the road to allow cyclists to go in the direction of the traffic. Contra flow bicycle lanes with concrete kerbs are counter intuitive….

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Conquest House Marketing Suite


We have completed this marketing suite for Conquest House, a 22,500 sq ft landmark office building in the heart of Bloomsbury. Part of a program of refurbishment and extension, the suite is reprehensive of a completed bay and incorporates an innovative sustainable heating and cooling system. A plenum supplies fresh tempered air along with power and data. This negates the need for fixed servicing outlets, facilitating a flexible layout. An…

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Colourful Rajasthan


A trip to Rajasthan they tell you is colourful: the people, the landscape, the buildings. But it’s not until you’re there that you realise the buildings really arefull of colour. In my ten days in Rajasthan I visited three cities: Jaipur, Jodphur and Jaisalmer. I’d been to the Taj Mahal on the way (as you do) and the contrast between the white marble edifice and the hustle and bustle of…

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Bottle Store


We have been working on a site in Stockwell for a few years now. It is an old bottling plant that in its heyday, in the 1960s, received a Civic Trust Award. Our part of the site is also the last bit to have been developed: the now exposed concrete frame is a monument to the time when there were many breweries in Central London that extracted sufficient water from the…

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